Fading Away / by Chris Maynard

Goodbye 4, turkey and swan feathers, 15 x 12 inches

Goodbye 4, turkey and swan feathers, 15 x 12 inches

A feather is a symbol of hope, which is an underlying theme of my art. However, I find myself facing a dilemma. Worldwide, we talk about reversing our ongoing dismantling of the earth's complex natural environments, but it is not happening; we keep at the same destructive activities at an increasing rate. Species extinctions, human population, and temperatures keep rising. So how can I express something that appears beyond hope using feathers, a symbol of hope? 

One idea I have about loss of hope is that it is akin to the grieving process. Like the loss of someone I cherish or the sadness of knowing my own life will end. Soon though, as I have found with my own grief, comes a feeling of awe at the beauty of creation. It overwhelms the sadness. I find myself continuously grateful for the gifts our world gives us. It makes me want to give back.

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