More on Crows / by Chris Maynard


More than ever, every time I see a crow these past few weeks, I stop and watch. That is because I am still reading Tony Angel's Gift of the Crows. The book has many stories but what sticks in my mind is their brain size. Our bodies are 2% brain. An animal we think of as intelligent is a sperm whale with its huge head, it has a brain size of only 0.0 something percent of body weight.  Brain size for a crow, depending on the species is up  to 3% of total body weight! They can count up to six, they make tools, they are extremely social.  Crows can recognize your face. Something about all this is tremendously compelling and at the same time slightly mysterious, edging toward creepy for some. Two new completed pieces and designs, both with crow themes, uploaded today onto my gallery webpage: Pro Crow Creation and Passing By.