The Art of Chris Maynard . Feather Designs

Browse galleries of   feather shadowboxes and photos to see the feathers in art come to life. Chris Maynard’s feather designs capture essences of birds in Featherfolio’s new, creative feather art form. Each feather design is placed in a shadowbox and uses feathers naturally shed from birds. 

Each feather shadowbox is a handcrafted, unique piece of art. Find your favorite birds like turkeys, crows, ducks, hummingbirds, songbirds, and peacocks in a variety of sophisticated and inspiring designs. 

Feathers provided by zoos and aviaries are carefully cut, positioned, and preserved in each piece. Most are collected after natural molting, with no harm to the bird. In fact, many of the owners of the feathers in art are still alive and well. Chris Maynard designs, cuts, and arranges the feathers which retain their original feather colors and shapes. He  uses a scalpel (not a laser) to create designs like graceful swans using swan feathers; peacocks with peacock feathers, and turkeys with turkey feathers. You will see others such as parrot feathers, macaw feathers, and pheasant feathers. Many bird feathers like songbird feathers are too small so these are represented by larger birds’ feathers. Chris Maynard encourages and supports conservation and laws that protect birds which also limits the kinds of feathers that are legal to sell. All feathers used in this shadowbox art are legal to have and to sell.

Gratis: the second series of Feather Shadowbox screensavers by Microsoft Themes